Yitien Chronicles Hack

Yitien Chronicles Hack

Yitien Chronicles Hack (Updated July 2013)


1. Run .exe file.
2. Check EXP x10 if you want.
3. Check FlyHack if you want.
4. Check Critical Hits if you want.
5. Check Auto Attack if you want.
6. Click on Hack and enjoy your game.

Total downloads:


mirro1 mirror2

how to download
File is protected by a survey so it won’t be analyzed and will work for a long time.

1. Click on DOWNLOAD button or one of the mirrors.
2. Pick a survey (scroll over to see what you have to do in order to complete)
3. Complete the survey with the details asked and then click submit.
4. Wait 5-10 seconds. The download will start automatically.

Dailymotion Instructions proof

Yitien Chronicles Hack przez hacks-citycom

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